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Stoyan Gospodinov Georgiev

I was born on 5ft Feb 1989 in Bourgas. I am studying in GPAE "Geo Milev". I have been interested in computers since i was seven years old. I have participated in many competitions of Informatics web-design. I like riding bicycle, reading books and especially Terry Pratchett. I have trained Shotokan karate Do since 2001.

English teachers : Veselin Alexandrov, Nina Dodeva

Contact info: e-mail-[email protected]; TEL: [056] 2-17-75;

Veselina Rosenova Bozhinova

I was born on 1st Apr 1988 in Tripoli. I am studying in GRE "G.S.Rakovski" in the italian profile. I have been interested in computers for 4 years and i like mostly web-design. My othe hobbies are swimming and painting.

Italian teacher : Zlatina Todorova

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